aug 3 fireworks“If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.”

Your mom’s almost always right, but she probably didn’t encounter

The offer of free access to the multiple listing service is both true and good. Here’s how makes it happen.

First, we are bona fide members of 110 MLSs around the country. We have all the rights and responsibilities of every other member brokerage. You aren’t getting a cut-rate service. It’s the real deal MLS.

Our entry-level service enables you to create a listing and get it onto your local MLS for free. It’s a basic listing: you get one photo. And when your house sells, you have to pay us $296. That’s a lot less than the 3% commission usually due to the listing agent, and you’re only paying it when you actually sell. So you pay on the back end…but not much.

Most sellers want to make a strong first impression when they list their houses. And we recommend that you create a listing with several photos. For $99, you can add more photos to your listing so it attracts the same attention on the MLS as most other listings. You pay $296 at closing, again for success, just as you would with a full-fee agent…just a lot less.

And if you’d like some powerful tools for tracking househunters’ interest in your listing, you can pay $199 (and that same $296 at closing).

It’s up to you.

That’s the point. We let you choose many of the key factors, like how much commission you’ll pay the buyer’s agent (you have to pay something, that’s only fair). You get to do some of the work yourself so you can keep more of your equity. And that’s something we’re pretty sure your mom would like.