Spring is suddenly here! That was fast.
If the front of your house still suffers from post-winter blahs, it’s time to hustle to get its curb appeal up to speed. Here are five fast, inexpensive ways to make house hunters smile when they pull up in front.

  1. Instead of planting lots of small, young plants, move several large pots and planters to the front. Buy full, ready-to-bloom flowers and drop them into the empty pots and planters, plastic pot and all. As those flowers fade, you can swap in fresh pots of mature flowers. By clustering the planters strategically by the front entrance, you will draw buyers’ eyes to the entryway, inviting them in.  And by swapping in fresh flowers for just a handful of pots, you won’t break the bank.
  2. Wipe down backyard entertaining and play gear. Snow was your friend for a while, turning the playhouse into an igloo. But now, house hunters with families will look at the backyard and envision their own children playing there. Spritz the play gear and clean the grill.
  3. Set out a couple of chairs to create an outdoor living space. If weather permits, arrange a couple of chairs and a small table on the deck or patio to illustrate the relaxation offered by your yard.
  4. Trim the view. Flowering trees and shrubs can offer a beautiful view. Throw open curtains and blinds to show off this seasonal show…and trim deadwood from trees and shrubs that look questionable.
  5. Winter is notoriously unkind to paint and finishes. Take a hard look at the touch-ups you did last fall. Do you need to make one more round with the brush to make sure that the woodwork on your front porch and surrounding your front door is perfectly polished?