Think of all the things you buy online: travel, financial services, insurance. With some solid information and a well-designed process that coaches you through it, it’s not as hard as some professionals like to claim.

Doing some of the work of selling your house on your own saves you tons of money. sets you up for success with easy templates and fast, efficient access to the industry’s ‘secret weapon’ for getting home listings in front of buyers: your local multiple listing service.

But…wait! How can you know that selling through really works?

Here’s proof.

Using our 2015 Houston listings as an example, customers sold houses more successfully than the overall results for the metropolitan MLS.

  • 65%: listings that sodproof thumb up aug 5 '16
  • 57%: Total MLS listings that sold

  • 5%
    : USRealty listings that expired
  • 28%: Total MLS listings that sold
  • 9%: listings that were cancelled
  • 14%: Total MLS listings that were cancelled


Our customers in other markets got similar results. We blend the best professional tools with your smarts and effort to price and show your house. It’s a winning combination.