Don't give 6%* of your home's sale price to an agent. Be the agent!


*(Commissions are negotiable.) lists your house on all the most powerful real estate websites, including your local multiple listing service, for free. Sell your house your way, choosing the commission you want to pay. lets you list your home to all the online sites where buyers look. You start for free and pay no more than a 3% commission — and only when your house sells.

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  • Complete the simple, easy listing form.
  • Manage marketing and showings directly.
  • Collaborate with local buyer’s agents, who still receive their traditional commission.
  • Track the interest in your house and market accordingly. You can cancel your listing at any time.
  • Negotiate with a potential buyer.
  • Work with the buyer’s agent (only where permitted by law) and, potentially, a real estate lawyer, to complete the paperwork.
  • Close the deal and keep thousands of dollars in home equity.
  • *Subject to, and compliant with, all state minimum service regulations.