Momentum and the multiple listing service: these were the two factors that Anthony was counting on to sell his Boston house.

Both were more powerful than he realized. The house went under contract just ten days after he listed it with, which propelled the house to hundreds of potential buyers through the MLS and its network of online selling sites. “I can’t believe I sold this house in ten days,” says Anthony, who, fortunately, simultaneously bought a new house a few towns away, closer to extended family.

Here’s his winning strategy – and how it can work for you.

Know the story your potential buyers need to hear. Simply listing characteristics, brands and dates doesn’t make for a compelling story, just as reciting your resume doesn’t help a potential employer see what a great job you’d do.

Instead, connect the dots by telling house-hunters what those characteristics, brands and dates mean to them. For instance, Anthony had updated his 1970’s era house, removing walls to update the floor plan. “It’s light and bright and open, with lots of sun,” he says, explaining how he presented the renovations on the three-page marketing brief he created for potential buyers who attended his open houses. Instead of just listing brands of appliances and fixtures, he indicated that the brands were shorthand for quality. And instead of just noting that the air conditioning system was new, he told people how cool and comfortable they’d be, for years, thanks to the new system.

Get buyers’ agents on your side. “I wanted a listing company that would provide access to the multiple listing service and that would let me work with buyers’ brokers,” he says. “I didn’t want to exclude people who had put their faith in buyers’ agents.”’s easy-to-navigate platform was just the thing. “It is a simple, intuitive software that let me create a story about my house and get that story out via the MLS and Zillow,” says Anthony. (All MLS systems require agents to pay realty agents directly involved in transactions stemming from the listings; as a licensed broker that covers the entire country, fully cooperates with all MLS rules, including paying buyers’ agents.)

Find and hit the pricing sweet spot. Finally, Anthony did extensive homework to make sure that he priced the house just in the sweet spot for his neighborhood. He talked with listing agents of recently-sold houses and learned about bidding wars and the difference (always more) between asking prices and selling prices.

He priced his house for $579,000, more than he originally thought but for less than the most optimistic comparable. And in ten short days, he accepted an offer of $575,000. “I knew the market was hot,” he says, “and I’m glad I could save the listing agent’s commission and take the opportunity to sell through”