snowbird-dec-1Snowbirds double their fun and double their household management chores. These tools and tips can help you enjoy living in two locations.

Papers in the cloud

Keeping track of paperwork is a pain just for one house. With two, consider digitizing key papers and storing them online through a cloud service such as Neat, which lets you create folders.. With all the documents online, you can quickly create a listing if you decide to sell.

Documents to store in the cloud include:

  • Photos suitable for creating listings
  • Maintenance records
  • Titles
  • Insurance policies
  • Contacts for homeowners’ associations

Remote monitoring

  • Keep track of who’s at the front door with Ring, which links a digital doorbell to your smartphone. Install the camera and you can see who’s on the doorstep and communicate with them.
  • Remote security monitoring services should include motion-detecting sensors that record movement around your house. Consider systems that also keep a virtual eye on the temperature and water systems in the house.

Coordinate home improvement

The best way to survive home improvement projects is to not be there. But, that also means coordinating virtually with decorators, painters and contractors. Use Pinterest boards to share ideas, links, sources, and to see photos of work in progress uploaded by contractors. It’s easier to create a board for the team to share than it is to send endless, confusing rounds of photos and lists via email.