offers homeowners what they say they want: a la carte real estate selling services that let them mix and match professional support with do-it-yourself. To some, this model is controversial. But the model does more than help homeowners keep more equity. We strengthen local real estate markets, too. Here’s how.  july 29 16 3 ways USR

  1. The secret, of course, to selling your house is your local multiple listing service. is a full, dues-paying member of 110 MLSs around the country. As a licensed real estate broker with licensed agents on staff in our Pennsylvania customer service center, we are part of the invaluable data infrastructure built by the real estate industry.When you find a listing on a real estate supersite like Trulia, Zillow, or others, you’re accessing listing first put into the MLS system.
  1. A balanced real estate market, with reasonable prices and swift selling times, pivots on a steady flow of new properties onto the market. Everybody in this game of dominoes counts on everybody else: you need to sell your house to buy a new one, and the person you sell to probably needed to sell their current house, and so on. The market relies on new houses becoming available to keep this cycle going. Right now, lots of markets don’t have enough houses for sale. It’s easy to sell right now, but it’s hard to buy. is helping by bringing more and more houses to markets around the country. In the first half of 2016, we brought 4,346 houses onto the market. (In the first half of 2013, we brought 3,933 houses onto the market.) That’s a lot of people who got to sell and buy!


  1. You get to move up, not just out, when you keep more equity by selling through That supports home appreciation.  With, you get to choose the commission you will pay to a local agent who brings you a buyer. (We’re an agency, and we believe in paying for results. That’s why we recommend that you pay the customary buy-side commission for a successful sale.)

When you save thousands of dollars, you can roll that into the down payment for your next house and afford more. You have a better chance of getting the house you really want. And that’s the part of the American Dream that we want to bring to every homeowner.