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Sell your home in three simple steps:



Use’s free access to the multiple listing service (MLS) to get your property listed online in hours. Choose the commission that’s right for you (1% – 3%) and rely on our expert advice and guidance for pricing and presentation.


Show & Sell

Our powerful marketing platform drives buyers to your property listing. Most properties listed with sell: we have the same success rate as agents. But you don’t use an agent, which means you get to keep more equity.



Save thousands of dollars! Our system works, and you pay the buyer’s agent the commission you choose. Our average customer enjoys big savings. That’s equity you’ve earned and that you deserve to keep.

"Don't give 6% of your homes sale price to a realtor. Be the realtor!"


Serious Exposure

USRealty lets you use the real estate industry’s secret weapon for selling houses: the multiple listing service. For free.

Only powers your home sale with maximum exposure by listing your house directly with the same multiple listing service (MLS) that local agents use. Every agent in your region will immediately see your home listing. And your listing is also published at the biggest, most influential real estate sites in the world including, Zillow and Trulia! Where do buyers go to see listings? The MLS and these major listing sites. And that’s where they will find your home listed for sale.

Great Service + Major Savings

Learning to sell your house is just like learning to use any other online selling service or financial service — with one big difference: we’re here to help. backs you up with real, live, experienced customer support, available 24/7, as well as plenty of proven tips right here at We’ll walk through it with you.

Going DIY with your home sale means you can choose your commission, even offering buyer’s agents as little as as 1%. Following our proven selling system, the typical home seller saves more than $5,000!


Sell your home the smart way and save. Start now, for free.

Or, view and compare our different MLS listing plans here.

It works has been helping homeowners keep more of their equity for years. We work with some of the biggest real estate firms in the country. Our expertise and reach means we can help you get your house sold while saving you thousands of dollars. Over half of our listings sell – that’s just about the same success rate as realty agents, who charge up to 6 % of the sale price. That commission eats your equity. We think you should keep the equity you’ve earned. You’ve invested in your house. Now, get that investment back by selling through



We did it. We saved over $20,000 by selling our home commission-free! So if you’re selling your own home don’t settle for anything less than

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