Do you recognize any of these hot buttons?

  • You have to talk to multiple service reps to get a problem resolved
  • You have to wait, and wait, and wait, to get a response from a real person
  • You have to explain your question or problem over and over again
  • The company advertises great customer service…but doesn’t deliver on that promise

These are among the most maddening consumer experiences when trying to get help from a customer service center., according to studies of consumers’ experiences with call centers.

And these are exactly the issues that the service reps at try to rise above every day.

Listing a property is straightforward (especially through It’s a matter of filling out forms and uploading pictures.

Then the listing goes out into the real world, and that’s when the fun begins.

Every state has its own real-estate laws, and the USRealty customer service team, based in Pennsylvania, callcenterapril21helps customers complete their sales according to local rules.

And once an offer comes in on a customer’s property, that seller has to manage more paperwork; accommodate inspections and surveys; navigate the closing requirements; and manage the move of her own household.

It’s a lot, especially for people who are selling for the first time and those who are selling for the last time. Megan, who has been helping customers since 2013, says that first-time sellers need to be coached through the process, while sellers who are exiting homeownership often aren’t comfortable handling paperwork online and want to be guided through the process over the phone.

A constant stream of referrals from happy sellers and a high level of repeat business from local real estate investors proves that USRealty’s call center staff rise to the selling occasion. “We often get people who call because a friend recommended us, and they want to check us out right away,” says Megan.