Thinking of investing in real estate? Whether you’ve bought the house down the street or a big apartment building, your capartment sept 2016oncerns are the same: positive cash flow while you own the property and an efficient, cost-effective transaction platform when it’s time to sell. After all, it doesn’t make sense to negotiate best rates for property maintenance and management, and then give back much of that equity in a fragmented, inefficient sales process.

The point of sale is your last moment to capture return. That’s why has partnered with National Real Estate Solutions to offer start-to-finish support for real estate investors of all sizes.

With this partnership on your side, you can decide how hands-on you want to be. You can outsource to NRES:

  • Inspections
  • Routine property and landscape maintenance
  • Emergency services
  • Repairs
  • And other services

When it’s time to sell, you can trim the traditional 6% real estate commission in half by listing with has direct presence in 33 states through local multiple listing services… and offers investors a streamlined listing process that takes only minutes to get each property into the correct local system, and to all national listing sites. That means investors can capture one last burst of return from owning the property, exiting strong.