Building Your Business offers homeowners and buyers unprecedented transparency and options for selling and buying, while aligning with the success of local real estate markets and agents. Is a Hybrid, National Real Estate Agency

Through and its membership in 110 multiple listing services around the country, cost-conscious homeowners take an a la carte, “do it yourself” approach to listing their homes for sale. Buyers’ agents are guaranteed their commissions because is an agency that fulfills the promise of MLSs for agents, homeowners and home buyers.

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Delivers fresh listings to your market

You can’t sell what isn’t listed. channels thousands of listings annually to local markets. Some listings come from commercial and investment portfolio managers looking to capture return on their real estate investments. Other listings are posted by consumers through All listings comply with local MLS formats and rules.


Educates sellers

The Resource Center walks sellers through the process of preparing, pricing and pitching their house to buyers. When you represent a buyer interested in a property, you’re fulfilling the traditional role of representing the buyer. Unlike ‘for sale by owner’ sellers, you aren’t stuck with extra work helping a clueless homeowner.  We provide phone support for ourlisting clients, too.


Expands your service area within your state

You have a state real estate license but might not have a MLS membership in far-flung markets.  When you need transaction support in markets outside your MLS membership, can be the exclusive listing broker, provide the MLS listing, and subcontract to you and your broker to handle certain other functions in the transaction, ensuring that you will receive compensation.


Shifts REO from rental to the market

Inventory is the biggest problem facing local markets. Because offers a clean, cost-effective way for investors to list and sell portfolio properties, is a factor in shifting rental units to for-sale units.


Creates motivated buyers

With’s impressive success rates, home sellers quickly become home buyers. Once they’ve sold their house, they’re intensely looking to move — and usually, that means they need to buy, continuing the cycle of market recovery.


Showcases your expertise as a buyer’s agent

When a listing sells, that homeowner is an instant real estate expert with neighbors, friends and co-workers. When you bring the buyer, you are positioned as a hero in a success story that will be told over and over again.


Creates qualified buyers

Thanks to’s low transaction costs, home sellers capture more equity at closing. You know what that means: they can leverage that equity to move up.


Supports local MLSs with fees is a full member in 110 MLSs around the country. We pay membership and service fees that keep local MLSs humming.


Guarantees your commission

If it’s listed on the MLS, you get a commission. Period.


Respects real estate industry traditions

Unlike ‘for sale by owner’ sites and free listings, recognizes and celebrates the role of buyers’ agents in helping consumers with one of the most important purchases of their lives. respects, reinforces and rewards successful buyer’s agents who close deals with customers.

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An Offering Unlike Any Other offers home sellers free access to their local multiple listing service while guaranteeing the traditional buy-side commission to agents who successfully close deals with customers. Customers appreciate the unbundled service options offered by Agents appreciate the streamlined transaction support that makes it easy to work with do-it-yourself minded homeowners. Here’s how our business model works.


Customers can list on the local MLS for free

They get one photo with each listing and customer support As with all MLS agreements, these customers must pay the buy-side commission when a local agent successfully represents a buyer who purchases a house from a customer. At closing, these customers remit $296 to to cover the cost of the service.

Value-added Listings Start at just $99

Customers can upgrade to an enhanced listing with up to 25 photos or choose a $199 listing with a robust listing presence and additional support. These customers also remit $296 to at closing.

Customers choose the buy-side commission they want to pay

As with all MLS contracts, the commission earned by the buyer’s agent is specified in the contract.

The seller completes the listing sheet

The customer service team (based in the U.S.) completes the documentation and streams the listing into the appropriate MLS.

The seller is hands-on, facilitated by

From showings, negotiation, and other marketing tasks, the seller handles most of the daily responsibilities of selling. facilitates closing in collaboration with the buyer’s agent.

And finally…

The local buyer’s agent collects his or her commission, as usual, at closing.

Here is a Sample of Success Rates in Just Three Markets. success rates are in line with the ‘sold’ rates for local markets around the country

Smooth, Efficient Commercial Co-Broker Services’s network of brokers ensurs that you have a legal broker in each metropolitan area or state where your deal has a footprint. When you need one point of entry to an MLS, is your answer. Our streamlined process and experienced in-house brokers provide fast, responsive, cost-effective transaction support, whether you are capturing return from a portfolio of houses and condos or are selling properties one at a time. is licensed in: AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, IL, IN, LA, MA, MD, MI, MO, NC, NE, NJ, NM, NY, OH, OK, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, VA, WA, WV

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Agent FAQ

Selling the way isn’t for all clients. What situations aren’t appropriate for your a la carte model?

The model is best for sellers who are on hand to show their own properties and host open houses. Sellers who travel often, who are infirm, or whose commitments make it difficult to arrange showings, may find value in the showing services and conveniences traditionally offered by full-service agents.

Isn’t at odds with the mission of most real estate agencies?

The real estate industry can’t and shouldn’t dictate business models for licensed, qualified brokers and agents in good standing. Every business should be able to create its own model for sales, revenue and profitability.

What is the relationship between and, LLP was a brokerage with memberships in MLSs around the country. acquired in 2014. You can read the news story in Housingwire.

Didn’t founder and president Colby Sambrotto sell his New York condo with an agent?

Yes, he did. New York doesn’t offer the kind of MLS prevalent in the rest of the country. That experience made Sambrotto realize how powerful the MLS is to most U.S. homeowners, and how important it was to support the role of buyers’ agents who know their local markets.