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Reach millions of buyers nationwide:
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Here’s how you save! If you sell a home at the average price of $232,067 you save at least $6,417 in commission costs.

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We've sold over 25,000 homes

"Don't give 6% of your home's sale price to an agent - sell DIY and save!"

Five Easy Steps to Sold!

  1. Create your listing
    Pick the right price and upload your property’s details and photos
  2. Choose the buyer’s agent commission.
    Select the commission that is right for you (1% to 3%) and only pay when you sell your property
  3. Prepare your home
    Take our advice on staging, selling, use our yard signs and more
  4. Work with buyers
    Use our expert tips and advice to negotiate the deal
  5. Complete and close!
    Count on our step-by-step guidance to complete your sale and close

*If you sell your property to a buyer who is not represented by a buyer’s agent, there is no buyer’s agent commission to pay.

Get started with your free MLS listing and pay a small flat fee upon listing and closing. No surprises. No hidden fees.

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We have sold over $3 billion in homes!

Don’t waste your money on unnecessary broker commissions!

Don’t let a traditional real estate broker take 3% of your sale price just to list your home on the MLS, which is how all buyers will find it - wants you to keep your equity!

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