march 17 commission

Try as they might, real estate agents can’t stop progress…especially when progress that helps consumers pay less to sell their houses.

Real Trends Consulting, which tracks trends in the real estate industry, recently reported that the traditional 6% commission is now the traditional 5.2% commission.

That’s because agents are negotiating commissions (even if agents say they don’t, many do), along with the rising popularity of alternative agencies that charge much less, such as

The new norm is 3 percent to the buyer’s agent and 2.5 percent to the listing agent, according to Real Trends. The key is to figure out exactly what you’ll pay to get the house listed with your local multiple listing service and to market it. Here’s a breakdown of the biggest listing costs so you can compare these costs with the 2.5% that a local agent might charge you.

  • Listing on the MLS: Through, you can get your house on the local MLS for free, with a single photo. Pay about $400 total for an enriched listing with multiple photos, customer support and a help through closing.
  • Printed materials for buyers: Use tools to create listing sheets that highlight the amenities, feature and history of your house to buyers going through it. Allow about $150 for color copying.
  • Staging: A qualified home stager will charge $100 for a simple consultation to about $300 to do some of the staging work.
  • Photography: No agent should be taking photos of your house for the listing. Always insist on a professional, which will cost about $300.

That adds up to $1,150 — far less than the national average of about $4,000 typically paid to listing agents.