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How do I schedule to see a home listed at USRealty.com?


What’s the difference between USRealty.com and the MLS?

What is a Multiple Listing Service, or MLS?


What if my photos are not MLS approved?

Can the USRealty.com model work in conjunction with an auction?

Why do some houses not sell?

Why do you direct agents to submit offers at www.2offer.us?

Why must the buyer’s broker submit a W-9?

Why am I not receiving your emails?

How do I return the listing papers to you?

Whose phone number shows up with my listing at Realtor.com and Zillow?

What commission rate to you recommend?

Do agents contact USRealty.com customers trying to get them to sign a full-commission listing?

What if we want to pull our home off the market?

How long will my listing be on the MLS?

If there isn’t a traditional seller’s agent, who shows my home?

Will real estate agents want to show my house if I list it with USRealty.com?

What do I get with a free listing?

What commission rate to you recommend?

Why is your price so low?

What is USRealty.com’s success rate?

How will I know when my listing goes public?

How long does it take to get my listing on the MLS?