The days are at their longest here in the northern hemisphere, and that means that you have maximum daylight for showing your house. Here are five tips for making the most of summer rays.sunset

  1. Control bugs. Mosquitos love the evening. Banish them with environmentally-friendly sprays, candles and trapping techniques so potential buyers aren’t distracted by swatting. Eradicate potential mosquito breeding areas to minimize the pests.
  2. Water plants in late afternoon so they achieve maximum perkiness while decks and sidewalks dry before evening buyers arrive.
  3. Keep outdoor cooking areas clean. Be ready with no-cook meals so your kitchen, deck, patio and grill are in pristine condition after dinner.
  4. Turn on outdoor lights so that it’s easy for buyers to find your house. Late sunlight casts shadows, so don’t assume that your house number is visible.
  5. Try to time showings to maximize sunset views. It’s easy to check the exact time that the sun will set in your area ( weather service websites report this data), and a spectacular view helps buyers envision their own relaxing evenings in the house.